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Juanita Rose

I’m a Naturopath, Intuitive, Healer, Light Ambassador & Vibrational Medicine Alchemist. I facilitate women & men to break free from the paradigms of fear, stress & confusion and facilitate them to re-unite with their authentic essence, so they may live a purposeful, peaceful, abundant and healthy life.


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I believe well-being isn’t just about exercise, eating the right food or taking the latest supplement, it is about nurturing your spirit, evolving your consciousness so your mental and emotional bodies operate in harmony. It is about connecting with your soul, the truth of who you are, clearing and upgrading your energy (as illness begins in your etheric body before later manifesting in your physical). It is about intuitively listening to your body so you know what it needs over what your mind or society tells you what is good for you. In a world where there is much distraction, an overload of information & teachers operating from a false light, it is vital to begin to listen to your own intuition in regards to your health.

I believe not all illness’ can be put in the same box. Illness can manifest for a multitude of reasons and most often much learning, growth & purpose can come from experiencing illness. As the famous poet ‘Rumi’ once said “Live life as everything is rigged in your favour’.

I believe everybody has the capacity to break free from paradigms of lack, illness, poverty consciousness, limitations, fear, stress, anxiety, lack of self-worth & depression. It takes a willingness to change, focus, resilience, spiritual stamina, consistency and the courage to commit to your light (the truth of who you really are). Furthermore, it takes self-responsibility.

My Story:
Juanita Rose

I grew up wanting to be an archaeologist. I loved Indiana Jones and was fascinated with ancient civilisations and had many questions in regards to the evolution of humanity and why it is here on the earth. I was also aware of my strong intuitive abilities and connection with a greater intelligence (God/source) from a young age even though my parents were in no way religious. Praying & performing magic spells was the norm for me and brought me much happiness.

Throughout highschool 3D life kicked in and much of my light and inner magic was supressed to the point I almost forgot about it.

I did go on to study a Bachelor Degree in Archaeology, completing 2 years in which I was majoring in human evolution. While I found this interesting, science could still not answer my burning question, What on earth are we all doing here??? In my mind there had to be a greater purpose to life. I was disgruntled with my existence, depressed, lacked any sense of purpose and was living quiet a destructive life.

In search for more, I left my degree in Melbourne and moved to the sunshine state. 1 year on, I had enrolled in a Naturopathy degree and began to heal and awaken to my purpose. In the next few years I would find answers to my question’s on evolution through metaphysical books, spiritual teachers and my own soul. I had embarked on a journey of self discovery and in the process began to awaken my healing abilities in a physical and metaphysical way. Realising, that there was gap in my Bachelor training I went on to study Energetic Healing and Akashic Record Reading, with leading teachers in the United States.

A significant turning point in my healing education was visiting John of God in Brazil in 2016. I now work closely with light doctors associated at the Casa (through Crystal Light Bed Therapy), alongside my own Source, Angelic and Pleiadian Councils of Light.

I have developed a unique, progressive and transformative approach to Naturopathy that has a 100 fold. Fast forwarding to 2017, the ‘Year of New Beginnings’, I answered yes to the call when asked if I’d like to create a Boutique Pilates & Naturopathic/ Healing studio. I believe that this was divine timing & I’m so excited to share my light & healing services with you.

Working with Juanita

I have had to go through a dark night of the soul in my early 20’s to clear my own karma & to understand how to assist those seeking purpose, wellness and a joy-filled life.

It is your birthright to live an abundant filled life. You can use your free-will to choose the light within activating your path to ultimate well-being.

I would love to facilitate you on your journey, if you are ready to embark on a new way of being, email me at info@juanitarose.com.au , phone: (+61) 428158881 or book via MINDBODY app.

May you awaken to your light, love & truth!

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
Diploma of Teaching Pyschosomatic Therapy (mind-body medicine)
Level 4 Akashic Record Reading (Bright Star Intuitive Arts)
Level 3 Usui Reiki (Bright Star Intuitive Arts)
Member Of Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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