Fusion wellness mind + body

“When things aren’t adding up in your life, start subtracting.” ~ Anonymous

When I first read this quote I had to read it a few times for it to resonate. Usually when things aren’t panning out as expected or you are in overwhelm or you’re just too busy to think clearly we tend to usually crave and search for more. We look to for more material possessions, more information, more appointments, more distractions and doing more. It is during these times that we need less in our lives, less clutter, less commitments, and less negative thoughts.

Sometimes if we don’t listen to the signs our body and mind are telling us, the universe will take over and usually force you to take note. This can come in many forms: injuries, sickness, stress, anxiety or depression. If you ignore these strong signals these symptoms can turn into disease, when the body is in DIS-EASE.

In the Fusion Wellness ‘Up the Ante’ Wellness Coaching program we have a session where we zoom in how you can increase your natural power and cleaning up your act by simplifying your life. Living with less creates more energy, more clarity and more time for what and whom you love most. Here are five ways you can start living with less and creating more energy for what matters.

1. De-clutter your personal and workspace

2. Say ‘NO’ and say it often

3. Subtract negative self-talk

4. Keep phone calls to no longer than 5 minutes

5. Turn off your electronics more often

Try it for a few days and experience the freedom, energy and time living with less will create for you.