5 Sneaky Tips to Help You Nail a Scary Work Meeting!

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Do you get sweaty palms, a racing heart and are scared of public speaking or talking to senior management – WELL IT IS GOING TO BE OK…. Here are some sneaky tips to nail it!

1) Did you know that if you slow down your breath you automatically slow down your mind?!! Well you do. Begin to slow down your breath, and slow it down to the point where you are inhaling up to the count of 10 and slowly exhaling to the count of 10.

2) Drink a camomile tea, this scrumptious herbal remedy smoothes anxiety and helps with insomnia. Chamomile tea has sedating properties (cool, huh!) and assists with stress relief.

3) Exercise the morning of the meeting. A power flow vinyasa yoga session, a run, a swim or fast walk, anything to get your heart rate up for at least 15 minutes, will calm your mind. Try and get to a point where you break a sweat, even if it is one sweat bead flowing down your forehead along your cheek – that is a good indicator you have got your heart rate up to where it needs to be. You will release all your anxious energy out physically and after a shower you feel much more relaxed, grounded and clear.

4) Write down 3 goals for the meeting. One goal for what you want to achieve, one goal on how you want to present (posture, speaking clearly, eye contact!) and one goal on what subjects, key points you want to talk about.

5) Mediation is amazing to calm the mind- but I understand not everyone is into it, so instead have a little chat with yourself in the shower the morning of the meeting (interview, presentation, job or pay review etc). Remind yourself of your 3 top qualities that are unique to you! You are special you know – there is no one else out there with your skills, experiences and personality- you are worth all the success you crave!

… And then go and get them with CONFIDENCE!

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