5 top reasons to do REFORMER PILATES

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  1. Strengthens muscles

Reformer Pilates is an amazing exercise practice that makes you stronger in a gentle way. Not only does the major muscle groups strengthen, tone and build stamina and endurance, but also the smaller ones that often get ignore during main stream exercises.


  1.  Calms the mind

When you are practicing reformer Pilates, it is useful to combine the breath with the movements. It helps you to get to your maximum benefit from every movement. By focusing on the breath, the mind becomes stiller, which will lead to a more relaxed mindset and lifestyle.


  1.  Rehabilitation

In case you have an injury and want to get back to exercising, it is important to take it slow and not push yourself too hard. Reformer Pilates is your best option in many cases when rehabilitating, because it helps the muscles get back to previous abilities and range of movement without putting any extra weight on the body. Small movements can make great improvement on the muscles and helps your body to heal faster in a healthy nurturing way.


  1.  Improves flexibility

While strengthening the body, reformer Pilates also stretches the muscles which will lead to reduced stiffness and a reduced risk of injury. Stress and strain on your joints will decrease and in the meantime, your everyday life become easier. By combining the exercises of strength and flexibility, you also improve your posture!


  1.  Tones and strengthens the pelvic floor

Regardless of how old you are, it is essential to have a strong pelvic floor!  The pelvic floor supports the bowel, uterus and vagina. It also helps to control your bladder. Reformer Pilates is an amazing way to mindfully exercise and strengthen this part of your body.