8 effective tips on how to get things done

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1) ELIMINATE those petty annoyances

Write a list of all the petty annoyances you are putting up with and tolerating. To eliminate what you are putting up with simply write down 50 to 100 things that you feel drain your mental energy. For example: annoying coat hangers that your clothes constantly fall off; ink cartilages that need replacing on your printer; or your wallet that always spills your change every time you go to pay for something; or how about people who zap your energy?, whatever it is write it down and create and implement a solution.

2) GET RID of your ‘SHOULD’ goals

Some keep a to do list in their mind while others write it down. The benefit of writing it down is it frees up space in your mind. A visual list also allows you to prioritise what is written. We all tend to add “shoulds” to our to do lists. The “shoulds” are those things we think we have to do, got to do, but don’t really move on achieving, such as going to the gym 3 times a week, learning a foreign language or giving up sugar. All these “shoulds’ are weighing you down and keeping you from getting on with the really interesting stuff you love in your life. “Shoulds” can sap your precious life energy, it is far better to think up a whole list of new small achievable goals and ditch the “shoulds.”

How do you know if it is a goal or a should goal? Ask yourself how old the goal is…. If you have had it for a year and not moved on it- ditch it! You can always pick it up later when you are ready to actually commit and achieve it.

3) Take time out to get some mental CLARITY 

A retreat, a Yoga or Pilates class, or walk or medtiation can give your the clarity and energy boost you need to help you achieve your ‘to dos’. Sometimes even a 5 minute break in the fresh air can clear your mind can help you focus more consciously on what your top priorities are for the day.

4) ADDRESS then and there

Get in the habit of addressing everything that bothers you on the spot or as soon as possible. Don’t ignore the ‘little stuff;’ otherwise it will build and cause you to blow up later. It can take up your headspace when you could be concentrating the things you really need to get done. Many people harbor grudges for years, free yourself from this festering annoyance. Stewing on something can leads to bigger health problems, better to address it and be free of it.

5) CLEAN UP your act

Increase your natural power by eliminating the energy drains and adding energy boosters. Cleanse your closets; filing cabinets and garage… make space for more appropriate needs. Best question to ask yourself is if you have used it in the past 6 months? If it is not a seasonal thing then out it goes! Getting rid of clutter is extremely therapeutic and will give you a huge burst of energy.

 6) BE SELECTIVE on how you use your time & energy

Make use of the latest advances in technology to improve your quality of life. Stop trying to do everything and maybe think about delegating to others such as a housekeeper, accountant or admin assistant; don’t be afraid to hire help. Block off one hour a week strictly for organising; writing lists, clearing your desk and planning ahead.

7) Do ONE THING at a time

Running around trying to do 10 things at once is not efficient. In reality you can only do one at a time, so commit to that and do it consciously. You will feel more in control and present.


When creating a daily list, write down 3 to 5 tasks, list them in order of your top priority and then action them straight away! It is amazing the satisfaction you gain when you tick one off once it has been completed.  This simple technique will help you focus your energy and allow you to really enjoy your free time when the tasks are done. If you don’t tick everything off, pass it over to the next day. This method keeps you moving in the direction you want to flow.

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