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Welcome to Fusion Wellness. Most of you will know where our story started as a boutique studio in Cabarita Beach, NSW and now we have moved to Casuarina and are offering YOGA, BARRE, REFORMER PILATES + MEDITATION.

Georgie moved to Casuarina with her family in 2013 after living in Torquay, VIC. They made the move north to follow their values to live a  simple coastal life.

Georgie became passionate about yoga when she had a heart condition at 12 years old, where she suffered heart palpitations and her heart would race up to 220 per minutes for hours on end. When she started to have attacks weekly and then it increased to daily, her specialist told her that she couldn’t do ballet or athletics anymore and was only able to do yoga. She was devastated as she was doing ballet 4 times a week and running in state competitions. She turned up to yoga and was the youngest by about 50 years but pursed and loved the multi-levelled benefits it induced. She had a heart operation at 12 years old, where they stopped and restarted her heart to create a new rhythm, she hasn’t had a full intensity heart palpitation attack since. 

At 15 years old Georgie joined the gym and was there daily. One of the PT’s suggested she should do a Fitness Trainer certificate, and she did. That gym gave her her first job. The yoga teacher didn’t tend to show up often and Georgie would fill in and teach the class. The feedback from clients encouraged her to decide that one day she would do her yoga teacher training.

She did a full time yoga and pilates teacher training in Byron Bay as soon as she finished studying Communications and PR at university in Canada. She has adored it and afterwards taught all over the world and has hosted retreats in Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Costa Rica and India.

Georgie opened a boutique reformer studio in Cabarita Beach, NSW in 2015 and then moved to The Commons, in Casuarina in 2021. Her husband Simon, also a very talented builder, bought her vision to life and the space is definitely one of the most beautiful studios along the coast.

She feels like she is living on purpose after having an emergency c-section with her first birth followed by 2 more c-sections, suffering a broken wrist from snowboarding and having lost a few close friends and relatives too early physical and emotional challenges, Georgie understands how yoga, Pilates and meditation can heal the body, mind and spirit. She has created alongside Simon a stunning space for clients to move, breath and heal; especially through the challenging times we have all experienced in the last few years.

Georgie has also worked in some amazing roles in PR, Events and Marketing with some incredible globals brands such as Oakley, Arnette, Channel Seven and New Balance. She presents at workshops, retreats and lunches inspiring those in business and on a wellness journey. 

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Our Space

A brand new, holistic Reformer Pilates Studio with 12 reformer beds and a beautiful seperate studio for Yoga, Barre Pilates and Meditation offering classes 7 days a week.

Need a space for consulting? We  have two Consultant rooms for all your wellness needs. Watch this space we have some exciting practitioners joining us!

The Commons
Upper Level- 12 /480 Casuarina Way, Casuarina NSW 2487|

Our Classes

All of our Reformer, Mat Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Meditation classes are designed to be all inclusive and suitable for all levels and practices. 

All our teachers have the qualifications to adapt these classes to their teaching style and our clients levels.

Fusion Wellness

Come enjoy our new space at The Commons