These yoga cards are rad because you don’t have to be a master of yoga or Pilates, I was bending, twisting and blasting away in no time! I’ve noticed the difference in my strength and stamina in and out of the water.

Andy Morris, 18seconds Magazine

This yoga deck promises to be a great resource for all pregnant women and it offers some ideal options for preparation for labour, birth and motherhood.

Patrice Hickey, President Australian College of Midwives

I’ve surfed since I was young and have always loved it. I’m now in my mid thirties and life is pretty busy. Work, kids and family commitments don’t allow me to exercise or surf as much as I used to.

Although I know how to exercise, I feel that over the years you tend to get stuck in a bit of an exercise rut and forget some important stretches and core exercises along the way. The Fusion Yoga and Pilates cards have refreshed and reinvigorated my exercise and stretching routine and enabled me to regain some core strength and flexibility, making surfing more enjoyable.

Depending on how much time I have, I can easily pick and choose what areas to work on, throw the cards in front of me and follow the photo instructions. They’re a great way to warm up before a surf.

Clive Harmsworth

Georgie was excellent in keeping it at the right level for her participants and always was showing variations for those more and less fit. She is so detailed in her instruction and explains clearly the benefits for each movement making it so enjoyable.

Rosemary Baxter, NSW

Georgie is a fantastic instructor. I’ve been going to Pilates for a number of years and Georgie is one of the best, if not the best instructor. Georgie is very hands on, always guiding and reminding us on our breathing, body posture and holding our pelvic muscles and navels. I would recommend Georgie to anyone looking for a fantastic yoga/Pilates teacher.

Kim Stanley, NSW

Since receiving my Jade yoga mat I’m not sure what’s more enticing – diving into the ocean on a hot day or diving into my practise in a hot room. From a salty beach girl – this is a seriously big call, but I truly can’t decide! Having a mat that’s reliable, comfortable and non slip means I’m out of bed and into my vinyasa faster than you can say downward-facing dog! I am particularly grateful for the personal, helpful service from Fusion Wellness that has made the bond between Jade and I even stronger.


I used Georgie’s pregnancy DVD in my third trimester leading up to my due date. I found Georgie’s voice and instructions very relaxing and reassuring. The pace of the practice was unrushed, allowing me to feel comfortable making adaptations that felt right for my body at that stage of pregnancy. The standing postures were particularly helpful in easing lower back and hip aches while the postures centred around opening the shoulders and chest invoked a sense of freedom and calm within me, helping me to enjoy this magical time and this late stage of pregnancy which can otherwise be uncomfortable at times. Thank you Georgie and Fusion.

Tanya Wilson

I am always striving to be ‘environmentally friendly’ in my life – from growing veggies in my yard, to composting and recycling just about everything. I finally have a yoga mat that meets my ‘environmentally friendly test’! I love that the mat is made, without power, and of natural cotton, in India.

Just got my mat. IT IS AWESOME! Some people may feel that it doesn’t have the “sticky” feel of plastic… but I would say, perhaps it’s not the mat you need to check, it’s your form. A slipping down dog is a lack of alignment, never the problem of a mat. Besides, why would you prefer oil based plastic over earth friendly, plant based, master weaving. Do the earth and your practice a favor… invest in this mat!

Fusion poses and exercises have been an absolute blessing when I have been surfing and competing all day and my body is craving to be stretched. I can travel with them, and choose a selection of cards that cater to the areas of my body that need attention. They’re educational, extremely beneficial, creative, and have been my best friend when my physiotherapist and chiropractor are not around.

Love Hodel, Hawaiian Pro Surfer

Yoga and Pilates for Office Workers which will be beneficial for the whole family. The deck is very informative and easy to understand. I am keen to adapt the information for daily use.

Kerry, Como WA

My surfing has improved in so many ways since I started using the Fusion Yoga & Pilates cards for Surfers. My back feels more flexible and my shoulders are stronger.

Rick Olarenshaw, TV presenter, physiotherapist and surfer

Easy to follow, easy to do but still pushing me. Great product.

Kathy, Macquarie Hills NSW

I just started using your yoga and Pilates cards for surfers. I’m very new to yoga and a passionate surfer. I find the cards are super easy to follow, even for a novice. I look forward to improving every day. They look beautiful and will be a must in my travel bag. Thanks heaps.

Rory Molloy, Torquay VIC

Georgie, I thought your class was absolutely fantastic especially as it’s the fist Pilates class I’ve done except for on the front of TV.

Kerrie, NSW

This was very helpful and it helped me so much as my back has been so sore and I think other people should try this if they have back issues.

Madison, Port Germein SA

I am seven weeks pregnant and working long hours. I often get sore shoulders and ankles. I love Fusion yoga and Pilate pregnancy cards because just a few of the positions can relax my shoulders and ease up my ankle pain. I have been doing a few postures every morning and night and already can feel the benefit. I enjoy having the freedom to pick and choose what I do and not having to ‘fast forward’ or ‘flip pages’. This has made Pilates and yoga accessible and enjoyable again.

Allison, Cranbourne VIC

The cards are a great size and packaged well, they can be easily slipped into my handbag before I leave for work, each exercise is explained very well, with easy to read text and pictures to describe each of the exercises. They great to use during your lunch break or in down time where you just need a quick stretch, i picked a few of the exercises to complete during a week at work, as i am pregnant I’ve been getting a lot of back pain due to sitting all day, the exercises i chose focus on the back, doing everyday during my break have made a big difference. I even find myself pulling out the cards before bed time just to do a couple of exercises. They are great!

Corinne, Werrington Downs NSW

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