Have you ever tried NLP KINESIOLOGY?

Kinesiology is pretty mind blowing…. It always amazes me to see clients take massive leaps forward post a session. We work on doing a lot of NLP (near linguistic programming) during sessions with clients. Clients come if they are wanting clarity, to improve health issues, are highly stressed, and/or need to brainstorm life or business challenges out aloud.

A NLP kinesiology session can successfully treat:

  • Confusion on your direction in life and the next step
  • Addictions, incl. sugar, smoking, alcohol
  • Fears: incl. spiders, confined areas, heights, flying
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Business direction decisions
  • The feeling of not being good enough or not deserving what you want
  • Public speaking fears
  • Feelings of being stressed and overwhelmed
  • The feeling of being stuck or blocked
  • Difficulties letting go of the past
  • Issues with anger and resentment
  • Pain and illness
  • Sleep issues

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combines Western science with Eastern wisdom to enable balance and healing to occur.


Kinesiology utilises the body’s natural biofeedback system, muscle monitoring, which was developed in the 1960’s by chiropractors, Dr George Goodhart and Dr John Thie. Muscle monitoring allows imbalances and/or stress within the body to be identified; be it structural, bio-chemical, emotional or energetic.


Through the use of a variety of individualised, non-invasive techniques including acupressure massage, light touch, chakra balancing, body work and specialised visualisation, the areas of stress are brought back to balance and the body’s natural healing mechanisms kick in. Home reinforcement techniques and guidance may be prescribed to allow you an active role in your healing journey.


Kinesiology is the only therapy designed to work with neurological connections between the physical body and the body’s energy systems and subconscious processes. It gives us access to raw information that lies beyond our conscious rationalisations and processing.


Kinesiology is the gentle art of muscle testing to locate energetic imbalances within the body.  Kinesiology encourages harmony and balance in all areas, being psychological, physiological, and physical.

When the body experiences an imbalance in homeostasis, disharmony is present, over time ailments will start to manifest in the physical, causing havoc within the body.  Kinesiology is about unravelling stress holding patterns and blockages in your body.  Kinesiology views stress as the underlying cause of all dis-eases in the body.  Unresolved stress in the body can cause biochemical, structural and emotional/mental imbalances.

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