Boost my energy PLEASE!

Fusion wellness mind + body

Being a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, running my own business and coaching I need energy! Here is what helps me daily!


–       Improves cardiovascular health

–       Aids with weight loss

–       Provides a high level of antioxidants

–       Helps to fight free radical damage

–       Delivers greater energy expenditure

–       Usually contains around 20 grams of caffeine

–       Improves mental processes


2)    DO 2 YOGA ‘Salute to the Sun’ sequences (Surya Namaskar)

–       Stimulates and activates every system in your body

–       Increases circulation and oxygenates the whole body

–       Warms muscles and releases stiffness in the joints

–       Aids digestion and clams the nervous system

–       Releases tension and stress


3)    TAKE a Mega Complex B Multi- Vitamin

–       The 11 key members of vitamin B complex are critical in boosting energy

–       Replenishes nutrients depleted when your body is under pressure

–       Supports the healthy functioning of the nervous system

–       Enhances your mood and aids with anxiety

–       Improves memory and stimulates the nervous system