Coaching? How can it help you…

Fusion wellness mind + body


I often get asked what do you do….

I offer Business Consulting 

I offer Wellness Consulting

I teach Yoga & Pilates

I host retreats to give you time out to relax, rejuvenate and refocus 

In one sentence I am a personal COACH…. I specialise in helping you ‘UPPING THE ANTE with your LIFE &/ or  BUSINESS’

Some clients need to UP THE ANTE on SLOWING DOWN

Some clients are at a crossroads and need to BRAINSTORM their OPTIONS with someone other than family or friends

Some clients need to UP THE ANTE with their PLANNING & STRATEGY

Some clients need to focus on MARKETING & PR for their business

Some clients need to improve the way they eat, move and nourish their body, mind and soul

I have such a deep passion for health & wellbeing and I have extensive professional experience with with global iconic brands doing Marketing, PR and events. I have fused all this combined knowledge. I have researched and found there are many coaches out their who have done a ‘LIFE COACHING’ course but have had no previous background professional experience in any particular given field. I offer 2 programs for UPPING THE ANTE with your (1) WELLNESS or (2) BUSINESS. Ask yourself, could you UP THE ANTE in an area of your life? Want to ensure it happens moving into the new year? Contact me if the answer is YES. I only work with women who are ready and committed to making change. Don’t let another year pass you by.