Five facts why we yoga through menopause!

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  • Hormone balance: Clinical research demonstrates yoga can improve hormone balance in post-menopausal women. Those involved in one clinical study, underwent four months of yoga practice (2x 1-hour sessions per week) resulting in increased estrogen and improved quality of life.[1]


  • Reduced anxiety: Anxiety is another symptom for peri menopausal as well as menopausal women. Studies reveal yoga can positively effect mood by increasing GABA levels in the brain – which are directly linked to stress and anxiety.[2]


  • Sleep: Craving a good night sleep? Yoga ticks that box too! Sleep studies show that yoga can greatly improve the quality and duration of sleep, particularly in menopausal women.[3]


  • Muscle strength: Muscle tension can be a painful symptom of menopause, caused by hormone imbalance. Yoga poses including warrior pose, tree pose and side plank (just to name a few), can directly promote and improve muscle strength and slow down muscle deterioration.


  • Calms Nervous system: A decline in estrogen production during menopause can influence central nervous system function. Yoga is widely known to help regulate the nervous system (which includes the brain, spinal cord, and a sophisticated network of nerves). Poses as simple as crocodile and child’s pose – when practiced along with guided breathing – can help establish equilibrium from top to toe.