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5 reasons to go to Bali
5 reasons to go to Bali

Bali is a magical place where we got married. We have chosen this place place to host yearly retreats for its amazing qualities and affordability for 5 star treatment. It has a spiritual and alluring pull. The tropical paradise injects you with inspiration, energy and reboots your soul. Bali is located at the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands and offers warmer weather all year round. The island offers extraordinary diversity spectacular sights.

Here are 5 tops tips on why you should visit Bali:

1. The People

The Balinese are the most warmest, content and beautiful people. Perhaps it’s their overall ability to live well in the moment that rubs off on their visitors and keeps them coming back by the millions year.

2. The Culture

The Balinese culture is unique, the Hindi religion plays an important role in daily life. The way they live encapsulates its spiritualism with everything they do. It extends to their art, food, dance, festivals and traditional rituals. Visit a temple to experience the spiritual grounding essence of being one.

3. The Land & Lifestyle

The rice fields that are breathtaking, and the volcanoes spectacular and as for the beaches, they are world-class. There are first-class waves for surfers, amazing yoga class, indulgent pampering and a laid back flow.

4. Delicious Food

Bali has great soil and plenty of rain to grow lots of quality food,  you’ll find high quality Indian, Moroccan, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French and fusion cuisines. But the traditional Indo food is absolutely delicious and the are out of this world restaurants and bars dispersed everywhere.

5. Architecture and Design

Seminyak, the heart of Bali offers the inspiring and incredible architectural masterpieces. The bars and restaurants that have been designed to a 5 star standard that can be enjoyed by all. Here is a hit must visit list: Cocoon, The Junction, La Plancha, Biku, Metis, Sardine, Sarong, Mama San, Sea Circus, Hu’u Bar & Grill, KuDeTa and of course Potato Head!