How good is the quality of the water you are drinking? Join the alkaline water addiction…. medical grade water!!!

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Conventional medicine and science has shown us that when your body is operating from an acidic state, meaning your body’s PH level is dropping below 7, which is considered a neutral state, you are more prone to getting diseases, prone to fatigue, loss of memory, and your body wants to break down at a faster rate making you more prone to ageing. So it super important if you want your body to continue being healthy to maintain an alkaline state. Unfortunately our western society our diet and lifestyle contribute to having an acidic environment and state. Coffee, stress, food sprays, alcohol, and lack of sleep all contribute to this.

So its important to have the tools and solutions to help bring our body back to an alkaline state so we aren’t susceptible to disease such as cancer, arthritis, dementia, anything that is causing inflammation in the body.

Do you want to know more about the most premium alkaline A-Grade medical machines on the planet?

These Electrified Reduced Water Filtrations Systems are classed medial grade and have been used in hospitals for over 30 years for cancer and other diseases. I need to add a disclaimer here; this product is not a curer but it is used in the treatment, management and prevention. I will say thought it is absolute a curer for dehydration.

One of the things we do as a society is drink tap and bottle water. It is hard for our bodies to become hydrated from these 2 sources because the molecular structure of the water is so large; our cells are just not absorbing it.  The water is still acidic even thought it may be free from chemicals, so it wont aid your body health wise.

However, this medical grade technology water filter the electrolised reduced water machine the water goes through an electrical charge which changes the structure of the heater, we called it micro de-clustered water, so the molecules are really small, so when you are drinking this water it will release your body of excess fat and toxins, so you actually are going to lose weight, because your body is properly hydrated you wont have nasty food cravings, your memory and physical performance will be better, it is going to support your digestive system, most importantly put your body in an alkaline state preventing diseases!

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