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MINDFULNESS: a term that denotes…. fullness of mind, fullness of awareness, presence of mind, attention, conscious clarity, a knowing-ness.

Mindfulness is best achieved with meditation. This is a process of developing a quality of sustained awareness leading to inner calm and tranquility as well as insights into the nature of our mind and the cause of suffering. Mindfulness meditation is best practiced daily in a quiet place for approximately 30 minutes, bringing mindful attention to the body and the ongoing sensation of the breath, strengthening and stabilising the mind.

Mindfulness practice appears to enhance neural plasticity and especially strengthen neural connectivity in the left prefrontal cortex of the brain which significantly relates to enhanced psychological wellbeing and physical health.

Research shows:

  • that mindfullness mediation through left prefrontal lobe activity enhances physical health through reduction in stress and increased immune function (Hassad 200, Siegel 2007)
  • that exercising mindful attention through meditation enhances important regions of the brain associated with increase in positive emotions as well as quicker recovery from negative ones (Davidson 2004)
  • enhances Serotonin educing depression and anxiety (Siegel 2007)
  • increases interpersonal skills and quality of relationships (Siegel 2007)

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