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There are so many different types and styles of yoga mats out there… the choice can be overwhelming!

Fusion Wellness offers a few amazing different options.

Here are 3 different style of yoga mats and pilates mats and categories for choosing a yoga mat right for you and the style of Yoga & Pilates you practice:

  1. Sticky yoga mats last a LONG time but can be coated in chemically which can be harmful in the first few months of use!
  2. Eco-Friendly yoga mats are usually made from natural tree rubber or recycled rubber. They are less harmful for the environment and, and are great if you have allergies and sensitives.
  3. The All natural yoga mat, are more traditional and are similar to those used by the original yogis. They are made from cotton, wool, hemp or grass. They are sustainably made but need a non-slip surface and offer much less cushion.


This is our Premium Fitness Mat. It has excellent cushioning for your activity together with a sponge like feel of the non-slip surface. The Rib Pilates Mat is hard wearing, long lasting, resists moisture and wipes clean with a damp cloth. The Rib Fitness mat is ideal for yoga, Pilates and/or people with special remedial needs for comfort.

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Yogasana cotton yoga mats are hand-made in an ancient region of India where yoga had its origin. The pride of craftsmanship is reflected by the signature of the master weaver on each Yogasana mat. High quality 100% cotton materials, eco-sustainable and traditional weaving methods are used to ensure that this mat will support your yoga practice for years to come.