Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates Sequences

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Hi all you lovely people,

I am so excited to FINALLY launch my pregnancy Yoga & Pilates sequences on my website that I filmed in Fiji while pregnant with Darcy. It has taken me so much longer than anticipated. A new baby (Darcy), a 3 year old (Oliver, who has the energy of a thousand knights!), and an interstate move have all contributed to my delay – reasonable excuses in my books!

I know when I was pregnant I found it hard to find sequences for pregnancy that catered for someone who was already practicing Yoga and Pilates. So I committed during my pregnancy to film sequences that calm, challenge, stretch and nurture both the body and mind. They also help to deepen your connection with your growing baby.

Please spread the word to anyone you know who is pregnant. Capture the pre-launch special 30% off before mid June!

I have created a sneak peek video on my website. Click here to view the link.
Georgie Xx


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