Scorpio Season Insight

Fusion wellness mind + body

We are now 2 weeks into Scorpio season. Individually and collectively we are being asked whether we like it or not to delve deep into the shadow aspects of ourselves. How have you allowed Fear, Resistance or Procrastination to get in the way of things you have wanted to achieve or experience this year? Whether it be getting fitter or healthier, moving toward your dream job or starting that business idea, letting go of that relationship/ friendship that has been holding you back, creating space for travel or doing that ‘thing’ you have had on the back burner forever.

It is time to face reality, drop the illusions and draw upon the courage to operate from a place of authenticity so you can finally begin to live the life you are destined to live. Often it takes time alone, a quietening of the nervous system & a deep relaxation of the body in order to generate the stillness within. This is required for you to connect with yourself so you can take an honest look at where you may be holding onto limitations, self-sabotage, addictive patterns or outdated programs & belief systems that are no longer server you and are holding you back from experiencing a fulfilled, peaceful, joyful life. It seems this year and in particular now, these aspects of ourselves can no longer remain hidden or ignored. If we don’t pay attention and take action on where we need to change it is highly likely it will manifest in the physical body. Broken bones, muscle injuries, poor digestion, mental & emotional instability & health concerns are up right now for a lot of people. It is just our soul’s way of getting our attention & calling us back home as we have not been listening or taking action.

Use this universal 1 year of New Beginnings to make the change and if you need support or the tools to assist we have many different offerings here at Fusion to get you back on track. It can be easy to spend money on the external but spending money on an exercise class or wellness program takes personal responsibility, discipline and courage as light may be shined on areas you have kept hidden for so long. However, the sooner you make the investment in the inner you, the sooner you can be Free from all the low vibe stuff and begin to manifest the Reality of your inner dreams.

With love xx