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Spiritual Gangster April 2017 Horoscopes

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

Read on to see what the planets have in store for you this month.

A happy and prosperous month ahead, Aries. Enjoy. Finances are complicated, but you will have a good financial month in spite of it. Venus, your Financial Planet, is retrograde until the 15th, so your main financial challenge is gaining clarity on finances. No need to make major moves one way or another. Clarity will come after the 15th. Venus spends most of the month in Pisces, your 12th House. which enhances financial intuition. Financial guidance can come to you in dreams or through psychics, mediums or spiritual-type channels. Until the 15th, your intuition (which is really good right now) needs more verification. Intuition is always right, but the problem can happen in interpreting it. You’re in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak, so make sure to pamper yourself a little. Show your body that you appreciate it for all the yeoman service it gives you. There will be a lot of opportunities for fun activities and you should take them. Children and children figures in your life seem more devoted to you. Those of appropriate age have excellent romantic opportunities on the 13th and 14th. On the 19th, the Sun enters your money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. Your Financial Planet will be moving forward by then, so earnings should happen fast. The New Moon of the 26th, which occurs in your money house, will further clarify your financial life. This New Moon looks like a strong financial day as well.

A happy but complicated kind of month. The Lord of your Horoscope, Venus, is still retrograde until the 15th. While you have plenty of energy, personal independence and can pretty much have things your way, the question is, what do you really want? Once you’re clear about that – and this will happen after the 15th – make the changes that need to be made. You have the power now. The same is true in your job and health situation. Avoid making important changes until after the 15th. Your Financial Planet is retrograde from the 9th onwards, so if you have important purchases or investments to make, do them before the 9th. Your financial planet is not only moving backwards but changing signs. He is in your own sign until the 20th and then moves into Aries, your 12th House, on the 20th. You could feel that you’re going backwards financially, but this is only a short term phenomena. It will change by next month. In spite of the complications, there are many nice things happening. The job situation might seem cloudy for a while, but you have excellent job prospects this year. The Sun moving into your sign on the 19th brings happy family support. Your personal appearance shines and health is essentially good. Mars will be in your sign until the 21st . This gives energy, courage and the “can do” spirit. You excel in athletics and exercise regimes. No need to look for fights though. Watch the temper.

Basically a happy month ahead. True, Saturn is still stressing you out and testing your current relationship, but the short term planets are supportive. For singles, this is not a marriage period, but very good for love affairs and non-serious kinds of relationships. Your strong 11th House (until the 19th) brings happy social experiences and an increase in online activity. Health is good and you can improve it further with detox regimes and back massage. A sibling or sibling figure in your life has a strong romantic opportunity on the 13th and 14th. Finance is not a big deal this month. The status quo tends to prevail. You seem basically satisfied with things as they are and have no need to make dramatic changes. The Full Moon of the 11th and the New Moon of the 26th are naturally powerful financial days. The New Moon is especially powerful this month, as it occurs with the Moon in perigee (her closest distance to earth). In general, you’re stronger financially from the 1st to the 11th, and from the 26th onwards. Mars moves into your sign on the 21st. While it can make you more combative (usually unconsciously), it also brings more energy, drive and courage. You get things done quickly – only with the Lord of your Horoscope, Mercury, retrograde from the 9th onwards – you need to be clear about what you want. There is good cooperation with friends from the 26th onwards. You seem devoted to them and vice versa. Your love planet is still retrograde all month so avoid important love decisions one way or another.

A busy, hectic kind of month, but successful. You’re in the midst of a yearly career peak. Though family is always important to you, you can serve them best by succeeding in your career. Some of you could have moved (or are planning a move) these past few months. If not, it can still happen in coming months. Your family circle is expanding. The two planets involved in your family situation are both retrograde this month (Venus until the 15th and Jupiter all month). Family problems need time to resolve themselves, so you may as well focus on the career. Your career planet spends most of the month in the 11th House, so your technological expertise, networking abilities and your friends are very helpful in your career. Good to get involved with groups, professional and trade organizations. You’re working hard, but the month ahead is prosperous. Until the 19th, your Financial Planet is in the 10th House. This shows pay raises (official or unofficial) and the financial favor of bosses, parents and authority figures. If you have issues with the government, this is a good period to deal with them. Sudden money comes to you on the 13th and 14th. Some financial changes likely need to be made as well. On the 19th, your Financial Planet moves into Taurus – a good place for the Financial Planet. It shows stable earnings and good financial judgement. Your social connections are helpful financially. Friends are supportive. Your love planet goes retrograde on the 6th and will be retrograde for many more months. Go slow in love. Don’t make important decisions one way or another. Let love develop as it will. Review your love life and see where improvements can be made.

A happy and successful month Leo. Enjoy. Your 9th House (said to be the most benefic of all the Houses) is powerful this month – especially until the 19th. This brings happy travel opportunities. Foreign lands call to you. It is wonderful period for college students as it shows focus on their studies – this tends to lead to success. It is also good for handling legal issues – if you have them. For singles, there is a happy romantic opportunity or meeting on the 13th and 14th. Love in general looks happy. Existing relationships are more harmonious. You and your beloved are on the same page – close. You share the same perspective on things. On the 19th, the Sun crosses your Midheaven and enters your 10th House of career. You enter a yearly career peak. You are on top of the world – above everyone in your world. You seem elevated and successful. The New Moon of the 26th is going to be an especially powerful career day. It will also clarify career issues as the month progresses – until the next New Moon. Career will start off slow as your career planet, Venus, is retrograde until the 15th. It starts slow but ends up like a rocket ship. There is career-related travel this month, but this can also show much dealing with foreign countries or foreigners. Health is good until the 19th, but afterwards make sure to get enough rest. There is nothing serious afoot, but if you get overtired, you can be vulnerable.
You’re in a very prosperous year right now, but this is a month, like last month, for taking a little financial breather. Like last month, the two planets involved in your finances – Venus and Jupiter – are both retrograde. Things clarify a bit after the 15th when Venus starts moving forward, but caution is still necessary. Better to be slower in your financial goals – slower and right – than to be fast and wrong. You’re very much in an ”other” oriented month and, in a way, it is good. Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope, is retrograde. Perhaps it isn’t necessary to be too self-confident right now. Yield to others so long as it isn’t destructive. Their way is probably better than yours. You’re coming off a yearly love and social peak last month, and now you seem in a sexually active kind of period. A great month to lose weight (if you need to) and for detox regimes. Love is basically happy though not as active as last month. Wealth seems a romantic turn on. Material gifts and material support are important in love. Your spouse, partner or current love seems financially supportive and your friends seem rich. Watch the dream life on the 13th and 14th — there is spiritual revelation happening. Spiritual healing goes very well that period too. Health is reasonable this month – especially until the 26th. You still have two long term planets – Saturn and Neptune – stressing you out, but you have help from the short term planets. Enhance your health with head and face massage and vigorous exercise.
It’s probably a good thing that your self-confidence and self assertion is much less this month. This is a month for devoting yourself to others. There’s no need for self assertion. Your way is probably not the best way. Yield to others so long as it isn’t destructive. Your good comes through others and not because of personal skills or initiative. Go with the flow, as the saying goes, and watch your good come to you effortlessly and naturally. You are in a yearly love and social peak right now and it lasts until the 19th. Though marriage or a serious relationship is not in the cards just yet, you can still enjoy the social life for what it is. Health needs more watching this month – especially until the 19th. Make sure, as always, to get enough rest. Low energy is the root cause of all disease. Enhance your health through foot massage and spiritual healing techniques. If you feel under the weather, see a spiritual type healer. Finances will improve after the 19th. Until then, you just have to work harder for earnings. Also the social whirl could be distracting you. There is good family support. On the 20th, Pluto, your Financial Planet goes retrograde. This will go on for many more months. It won’t stop earnings, but slow things down. Be more careful about the details of all financial transactions – no need to make matters more complicated than they need to be. Your love planet spends most of the month in your 8th House. This shows that sexual magnetism is the main allurement in love.

You’ve been in a very spiritual period in your life since last September, which will continue for many more months. But right now, dreams and interior revelations need more verification and study. They might not mean what you think. The two planets involved in your spirituality – Venus and Jupiter – are both retrograde. A powerful 6th House until the 20th is good news for job seekers. There are many job opportunities happening. This is a good period to do all these boring, detail-oriented jobs that need to be done. You’re more in the mood for it and they should go better. On the 19th, the Sun enters your House of Love and you begin a yearly love and social peak. It should be very happy. Your love planet, Venus, will be moving forward then and your social judgement is much improved. Your love planet spends most of the month (from the 2nd to the 28th) in spiritual Pisces. This shows idealism in love – very high standards. But it also shows an ability to experience nuances in love that few ever experience. The sensitivities are great. Your current spouse, partner or love is much more sensitive too – so be careful of body language and voice tones. They are easily hurt these days. For singles, love opportunities happen in places of entertainment, resorts and parties – preferably of a spiritual or charitable nature. You’re mixing with the elite this month – with people of high power and prestige. These are people who can help you career-wise. Good to advance the career by social means – by attending or hosting the right kind of gatherings or parties.
You’ve been sober and serious for some years. Now it’s time to let your hair down and have some fun. In leisure there is luck. (It will also improve your social life.) This is a time for exploring the fun side of life – the joy of life. You will be more in the mood for serious things after the 19th. Love has been challenging for two years now and is challenging in the month ahead. Your love planet, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 9th and Mars enters your 7th House on the 21st. You seem to be attracting people who are not serious – who are not looking for a serious relationship. They just want fun and games. It might not be a bad thing if you understand it and just enjoy things for what they are. It can be fun even if it leads nowhere. The overall social life – friendships – will improve after the 15th when Venus starts to move forward. Friends start to find some direction in their lives. Finances have been good for the past two years. There is great focus here, and this is 90% of the battle, but they are especially good until the 19th. Have fun, be light hearted, sit loose to life and the money will come rolling in. Your Financial Planet, Saturn, starts to retrograde on the 6th and will be retrograde for many more months. This won’t stop earnings only slow things down a bit. Try to be perfect in all your financial transactions and dealings – there’s no need to cause more delays than are necessary. Avoid foreign travel on the 13th and 14th.

You are in a very strong success cycle since last September. You are hitting career heights this year, but this month, take a break from the career. The two planets involved with it – Venus and Jupiter – are both retrograde. Also, the power this month, is in your 4th House of home and family. Take care of the home front now. Take care of your emotional life. The planets are mostly in the “night side” of your Horoscope. Thus you are gathering the forces for your next career push which will happen in a few months. It is a pause that refreshes. Besides, only time will resolve career issues now – you may as well focus on the family. Health needs more watching until the 19th. Don’t allow yourself to get overtired. From the 9th to the 20th, health is enhanced by neck massage. Cranial sacral therapy will also be good. From the 20th onwards, head and face massage will be powerful. Health and energy will improve dramatically from the 19th onwards. Love doesn’t seem a major focus these days. Existing relationships continue and singles remain single. There is some contentment with the status quo. The New Moon of the 26th is an especially good love and social day. The Moon, your love planet, is in perigee (her closest distance to earth). Your social magnetism is much stronger than usual. Other good love days are the Full Moon of the 11th and the 23rd and 24th. On the 19th, the Sun enters your 5th House and you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak. Time to party and have some fun.

You’re very much a night person this month. Most of the planets are in the night side of your Horoscope. Night is for dreaming, sleeping and building up the forces for the next day. Yes, you can’t ignore the outer world or your outer career goals, but you can work on them by the methods of night – by internal means – visualizing, daydreaming, putting yourself in the “feeling” of goals attained. This is a valid way to work. Your financial planet, Neptune, was eclipsed twice in the past year. So there have been many financial changes – and dramatic ones – happening. You needed to change your thinking and strategy. It seems to be working. This is a good financial month – especially after the 19th. There is great focus on the family this month – as there should be – but understand that a lot of family issues need time to resolve. Venus, your family planet, is still retrograde until the 15th. Avoid major decisions until then. Get more facts. On the 19th, as the Sun enters your 4th House, family and home decisions will be much better. Love is happy this month. Singles have wonderful romantic opportunity on the 13th and 14th. Love is close to home, and after the 19th, can actually happen at home – through family and family connections. Parents seem very involved in the love life. An old flame can come back into the romantic picture (or someone who resembles the old flame). Good psychological progress will help your love life after the 19th. Get right emotionally and your love life will fall into place.

A prosperous month ahead. You’re still very much into a yearly financial peak until the 19th. Your Financial Planet Mars will be in your 3rd House until the 21st. He will be in the sign of Taurus. The Financial Planet in Taurus gives sound financial judgement – a conservative realistic kind of approach to wealth. It shows earning from good sales, marketing, advertising and PR. Whatever you’re doing, it’s important to get the word out to others. On the 26th, Mars moves into your 4th House of home and family. There is good family support. Money can come from family or family connections. (You’re spending more on the home and family too). Residential real estate or industries that cater to the home seen like interesting investments. Love is complicated this month. Venus and Neptune in your sign (Venus is there from the 2nd to the 28th and Neptune has been there for many years) shows high glamour. You look great. The social grace is strong. But the two planets involved in love – Venus and Mercury – are retrograde this month. Venus is retrograde until the 15th and Mercury from the 9th onwards. Thus love can seem to go backwards instead of forward. The people you meet seem indecisive and lack direction. All of this is designed – not to punish – but to give you space to find clarity. Important love decisions shouldn’t be made now. Take a relaxed view of love. Don’t try to rush things. With your career planet retrograde and most of the planets in the night side of your Horoscope, there is a lull in the career. (Saturn, which is also involved in your career, will retrograde on the 6th.) Time will resolve most issues. Your bosses aren’t really sure where things are going either. Its kind of a “wait and see” approach.


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