SPRING is approaching- Eat more of these 4 Powerful Histamines Fighters to Prevent Hay Fever!

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With spring around the corner its time to ‘up the ante’ and begin to eat more of the powerful histamine fighters.

Many of us, including me, adore chocolate, red wine, dairy and wheat products, but these all increase the histamines and production of mucus in your respiratory tract.

Here are four foods that have been researched to be the best histamine fighters to aid sneezing, itching and allergic rhinitis; hay fever!


Ginger reduces IgE levels (allergy -causing antibodies) – say no more- hey!

Not only does it dramatically improve allergic reactions: it is an anti-inflammatory, relieves muscle pain, aids digestions, regulates blood sugar levels, and eases menstrual cramps.


This herb contains rosmarinic acid which assists with reliving itchy eyes. Add it into a salad or spread it over your roast and veggies. Rosemary has copious benefits; full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, it improves digestion, is considered to be a neurological protector and aids in the protection against macular degeneration.


This spice, commonly known as curcumin, is a phytochemical which contains high anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric has extra bonuses when added or increased in your diet; it has been linked to reduce chances of heart disease and cancer and aids in helping minimise swelling and irritation caused by hay fever.


Onions are a natural antihistamine which helps in blocking mast cells in the lining of the nose and chest. Comparing all fruits and veggies researches found onions to be the richest source of allergy-fighters. Raw red onions are the best source…. yummy in any salad to a kick of sensational flavour!


Bye Bye winter, hello spring! x