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Have you thought about where you want to be in a year? Two years?

It is much easier to start with the end in mind and work back. Once you have your

long-term vision you can break it down into small achievable little steps.

I find creating a vision board of images and words that you find in magazines

inspires a creative place to start getting your future vision clear.

Get super clear. Is to become fitter or healthier? Is it to secure a new job or home? Do

you yearn to improve your relationships or have a baby or more babies? Perhaps you

are ready to take your business to the next level?

Once you know what you are yearning for, the universe will support your path. Be

warned! If you aren’t talking clearly to the universe and to others about your future

path you will get confusion back out to you. It comes back to the old saying what you

give out you get back.

Once you have your vision board and can see the types of things you would like to

manifest in your life. Write down the top 4 goals. Write them with dates and as if they

are actually happening. For example, it is 15th June 2018, and I am signing off on a

contract for our next piece of land to start building our dream home. We are feeling

relaxed and excited about our decision and commitment.

When you predict your vision, your will find yourself to be in a position where the

actionable steps will all become figureoutable. Saving for a deposit. Working out

what that amount needed to be saved will be. Researching land costs. Looking for the

specific areas you would like to buy. Speaking with realtors, etc. Once the wheels are

in motion, momentum will take over.

Once you have your vision board and you have written your 4 goals and actionable

steps let it go. Don’t hold onto them too tightly. Allow the magic to flow and watch

the universe as it steps in to support your vision.

Good luck! X