Love Hodel, Hawaiian Pro Surfer

I am always striving to be ‘environmentally friendly’ in my life – from growing veggies in my yard, to composting and recycling just about everything. I finally have a yoga mat that meets my ‘environmentally friendly test’! I love that the mat is made, without power, and of natural cotton, in India.

Just got my mat. IT IS AWESOME! Some people may feel that it doesn’t have the “sticky” feel of plastic… but I would say, perhaps it’s not the mat you need to check, it’s your form. A slipping down dog is a lack of alignment, never the problem of a mat. Besides, why would you prefer oil based plastic over earth friendly, plant based, master weaving. Do the earth and your practice a favor… invest in this mat!

Fusion poses and exercises have been an absolute blessing when I have been surfing and competing all day and my body is craving to be stretched. I can travel with them, and choose a selection of cards that cater to the areas of my body that need attention. They’re educational, extremely beneficial, creative, and have been my best friend when my physiotherapist and chiropractor are not around.

Love Hodel, Hawaiian Pro Surfer


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