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What is self-management, you ask? It is knowing yourself so well that you can

manage your everchanging moods and reactions. We can control ourselves but we

cannot control others and certain situations.


Knowing your personality and strengthening your weaknesses can give you a great

start to self-management success. Some natural cycles to be in tune with that happens

every month are full moons and menstrual cycles. Do you know how they effect you?

Are you aware of the similar emotions you go through when there is a full moon or

leading up to your cycle and during it?


I know that I get super sensitive around a full moon and I know it’s a good time for

me to Up The Ante on my self nurturing by taking baths, eat grounding foods (like

red meat and grains), walking and listening to guided meditations and pod casts that

fill my mind with positive food for thought. I know that leading up to my cycle I’m

and more short tempered and know that this is a great time to do more cardio and eat

lighter foods like salads and soups. During my cycle I become a bit more tired. To

support myself during these times I usually tend to take short naps where I can, read

and watch movies; I crave chocolate, and foods which have iron (greens and red

meat), and I like to have more ‘me’ time.


Do you ever get upset for the way that you express yourself, react or deal with a

situation? How about creating a strategy so that the next time a similar feeling or

situation occurs you have a plan in place? The plan can be a statement you say to

steer a conversation into a different direction. Or, the plan could be an action that you

take. Perhaps you create a space to check in with yourself or a breathing technique to

calm your mood and give you the space to react in a conscious way. Either way,

strategies and plans can support you in your own self management.


What do you do to create and maintain self-management in your own life?