To BALANCE your hormones, manage your PERCEPTIONS first

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We Iive in a world of the non stop hustler! Your mind is constantly on the go with thoughts, memories, and emotions. We can all have the same experience of an event, but walk away with completely different perceptions of our experience. This is based on a mixture of your epigenetics, family dynamic, relationships, education, hormone levels, astrological sign and birth time, experiences, diet, environment, your values and the ingrained neurological pathways you have created in your brain over time. 

I see many clients who have hormone and thyroid issues and when we do kinesiology and dig deeper, it usually is an issue of perception that first started in the mind that needs to be balanced to assist the body to begin to heal. Perceptions neurobiologically create emotions which stimulate the hormones produced in the body.

Its learning the art and magic of selectively choosing which perception to have on a memory, event, person, experience; in any thought really.

Why and how, you ask?

Why… is because either someone, a conversation, an event and or environment will do one of two things, either support your hierarchy of values or trigger you and challenge your values. If your values are being challenged it will induce an emotion and a flow of stress hormones that begin to flood your body which can lead you to becoming defensive or stressed. Why try and intercept and change your perception on a situation, memory, person or event that isn’t serving you? Because overthinking and the consistent production of stress hormones over time can lead to dis-ease. So it’s essential to take your power back and firstly reframe your perception so it does serve you!

You aren’t always able to control your environment, be it at work, out and about or at home.

You definitely have no control of your family’s history before your were born.

In our lifetime, it’s inevitable there will be dark moments and times of unwelcome stress and challenge. These times will enhance your spirit to evolve to a heighten level of self awareness. However, we have the power to be in control of the flow of thoughts in our minds. The first step is awareness.

The how…. when a stressful thought floats into your awareness that it is causing you to be stressed and you capture the moment to intervene with your self talk, ask yourself one or a few of these questions:

can I slow down my breath and become more present in my body?

how am I showing up in this moment?

what can I control in this moment?

what story am I running in my mind?

how is this moment actually serving me? (there is ALWAYS a silver lining, a lesson)

what in my life can I be grateful for in this moment? (family, friends, pets, your body, the beach, etc)

By choosing a positive perception or shifting your focus to how it serves your spirit you can move forward with space in your mind to welcome more quality thoughts. Sometimes the deeper lesson doesn’t become clear until you have a moment of hindsight sometime in the future. However, that moment in time presents and opportunity to control your mind of a new spirit benefiting perception or enable you to cleanse your mind of past stressors that no longer serve you.

Positive perceptions and hormones help us to feel good, calm, connected, happy and energised.
Stressful or heightened perceptions produce hormones that enable us to physically perform, protect and our surge our primal survival reflectors. Chronic elevated levels of these hormone can suppress the immune system, increase blood pressure, decrease libido, produce acne, contribute to hormone issues, obesity and other diseases. 


STEPS when a negative or stressful thought arises and you want to take control:







I could seriously write a thesis on these topics! But in essence…. managing your perceptions, manages your emotions, which manages your hormones and helps you live a healthy balanced life!


Georgie x





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