What about Yin Yoga?

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yin yoga

Yin yoga was developed in modern times but inspired by the ancient Chinese martial arts and Taoist practices. The techniques for training and meditation included statue-like body stretches for prolonged periods. Likewise, the poses adopted in yin yoga are held for longer periods, and there are fewer poses in a sequence. For instance, an hour Yin yoga class might involve as few as five poses.


The benefits that come from these longer periods of maintaining yoga poses are holistic. Physically this practice can promote flexibility, suppleness, increased circulation, as well as joint mobility. There are also mental health benefits such as unhinging and clearing stored emotions, reduced anxiety/stress and wellbeing derived from guided breathing techniques.


In our experience at Fusion Wellness, instructors and participants report feeling calmer and relaxed after a class, as well as for days following. In the current times the world is experiencing, yin provides just the breather we need. Yin yoga is suitable for all ages and the qualified instructors at Fusion Wellness are here to help you get the most out of your class whatever stage your yoga journey is at. Don’t forget to talk to your instructor before any class if you are suffering from an injury.

Namaste xx


“I always feel a sense of lightness after a Yin Yoga class.”

Jamie, Fusion Wellness Member


“I normally book in for Yin when I’m finding I need to find focus.”

Pete, Fusion Member