Your Guide to Spring Motivation!

Fusion wellness mind + body

Spring is in the air, and the lull of the winter months are easing away as the sun starts to rise earlier, the warmth creeps into the days and the flowers begin to bloom. While winter (and lockdown!) was a chance to hit pause on life, to slow down and to live simply, for many, it’s also been extremely mentally challenging being cut off from family and friends. So how do you get motivated to keep exercising during lockdown or shake off the winter blues when all you want to do is bake your millionth banana bread and binge watch Netflix? Here are some simple tips to help you hit the mat and get those endorphins pumping!

  1. Keep up a routine

While it’s easy to slump around in your PJs all day allowing each day to seamlessly blend into the one before, there’s nothing like sticking to some form of routine to get your goals on track. If you’re still in lockdown, you may not leave the comfort of your four walls but having a dedicated routine will at least make you feel accomplished. Book your classes at the beginning of the week so you have them locked and know your schedule. If it’s an hour-long class at your local studio, a quick 30mins on your mat at home or a walk around the block, dedicate a time each day and this routine will soon become your non-negotiable!


  1. Bring a friend (virtually)

We love nothing more than a yoga or pilates class in our gorgeous Casuarina studio followed by a coffee date afterwards with our bestie. While these days are on the horizon for some, we all know having a friend to hold you accountable helps kick your butt into gear! Whether it’s your partner, bestie, neighbour, or someone you’ve met in the studio – set up a time to meet them and get sweaty together. Or if you’re stuck at home jump on Facetime together, choose your favourite playlist and get your bod movin’!


  1. Treat yo’ self

When you push through a difficult workout or don’t hit the snooze button once that week, reward yourself with whatever makes your heart happy. For me, it’s a coffee in the morning sun or allowing myself to switch off and read my favourite book. It’s the little moments that you will be grateful for afterwards and feel proud that you’ve stuck to your goals because you ARE amazing!


  1. Remember your ‘why’

When you just can’t muster up the motivation, remember how you feel afterwards and why you dedicate time to exercise. Is it to keep flexible? Help a niggling injury? Stay toned? Or simply to have some needed “me time”? Write down your why, or maybe your favourite motivational quote and keep it beside your bed, on the fridge, or memorise it. Recite it every time you are feeling a bit blah or thinking of every reason under the sun to procrastinate. Whatever your reasoning, you know you’ll feel bloody incredible afterwards!


  1. Find your fun

A sweaty boxing session, a lengthening Pilates class, or total silence in meditation; find what form of exercise resonates with you and stick to it. If you’re local, join our studio as we offer a mix of Reformer Pilates, Yoga, Barre and more, or our online Fusion Wellness community gives you access to all of this from the comfort of your home. Remember exercise doesn’t have to be boring, mix it up and your body with thank you!