Fusion wellness mind + body


• Unclutter your life • Simplify • Hire help • Say No • Invest in You •

• Pamper yourself • Exercise • Go for a Walk • Watch a Sunset • Laugh •

Don’t all of things make you feel better about yourself?

As women we tend of want to help others, but we are no good to others if we aren’t

filling up our own cup. If you want to make others feel good, you need to feel good.

Below, are some wonderfully delicious and easy ways for you to start falling in love

with taking care of yourself today. Which will you choose?



Start with your immediate environment, and working environment. Clear, clean and

unclutter. I am sure you don’t need at least 30% of what you have!



Get organised with better systems and processes. Meal planning, exercise classes,

time out, pampering, cooking, date nights – Get systems and processes in place that

will help you to be efficient and save you precious time and energy.


Hire Help

You can’t expect to be an expert in every facet of your life, nor do you want to.

Hire help in areas where you may find life challenging.

Hiring support, such as cleaning, accounting, marketing, personal fitness trainer or a

mentor or coach will help you feel balanced.

Hiring help will help your business or career by giving you more time to shine in

your areas of strength.


Say No

Say no and say it often. We can’t be everything to everyone, so be selective. Choose

your closest tribe, those who support you and lift you up. These people are your first

priority. When you are working (and if you are mother), you know your time is

precious. Allocate and spend your precious time wisely and consciously.


Invest in You

Go on a retreat. Travel with girlfriends on a weekend away. Take walks. Enjoy an

exercise class for an hour here and there… by yourself!

When you invest in you, others will respect that. To make radical change, you need to

invest in people that will help you surge forward in the direction of your dreams.