The silver lining of Corona

Fusion wellness mind + body

This forced break that COVID-19 has inflicted upon us, has given us a little time to connect to our self. Everyone has different circumstances and the health pandemic and economic crisis has induced various emotions, stress levels,  and maybe clarity within us all.

The silver lining has been that the world’s environment has had a chance to replenish itself, parents are spending more quality time with their children, families are coming together to support one another, more creative home cooking and more available moments to self nurture and regulate.

Why dig the downtime:

  • the clarity
  • present moment awareness
  • a chance to get creative
  • to read and educate your children’s mind
  • a time to relax and delve into moments of peace and surrender
  • the space to connect to your higher intuition and powers
  • the chance to explore which path you want to take with your life and time moving forward
  • more moments to cook, read, play and simply be