4 Tips to Stay Sane During Challenging Times

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Sometimes we are aware and sometimes we aren’t always aware of the unnatural stresses facing us in this modern world, and when you feel like things are really getting to you it’s time to evaluate the prioritise the important things.

Tip number one – take care of you, like they say in the airplane safety briefing “put your oxygen mask on first” if we’re falling apart then everybody else will be suffering along with us, let this be a gentle a reminder of the importance of taking time out to nourish and nurture yourself, and that means screen free time sitting outside soaking up some sun, reading a book, taking a bath, or a quite walk, this time is so vital for cultivating your most happy and resilient self . 

Tip number two – make sure to maintain your exercise. We all know how good we feel after we’ve carved out the time to exercise, even as little as 10-15mins helps our body produce the feel good hormone oxytocin, through mindful movement we take control of our body and breathe again, which helps to anchor us in the here and now, as a result we strengthen our body and mind, why not take advantage of the free trial period for Fusion wellness on demand classes https://fusionwellnessondemandvideos.uscreen.io/

Tip Number three – have a digital detox, evaluate the stimulus that you’re taking in, news, podcasts maybe even the people you’re following on your social pages, anything that is triggering or distressing, time to say goodbye, let’s focus on the things that build us, not knock us flat.

Tip Number four – start sending out messages of love to those people in your life that support you, that believe in you, and love you unconditionally, don’t wait till tomorrow to say what’s in your heart today, this is an opportunity to send out those little love bubbles and in exchange I’m sure they’ll come flying back to you.

Let this challenging time be an opportunity for deep introspection, let’s all lift each other up as we move forward with love, faith and courage.

Namaste friends,

Hollie Bradley