Fusion Yoga & Surfing Retreat Bali Feedback- Thanks Emma!

Fusion wellness mind + body

“When I signed up to a Fusion Yoga and Surfing retreat, all I wanted was to explore a new part of the world, get healthy, and perhaps learn to stand up on a surfboard in the process. Little did I know the retreat would actually change my life. The experience – traveling alone with like-minded women, confronting my fear of the ocean and practising daily yoga and meditation – was profoundly empowering. It really got me thinking about the kind of life I wanted to live, as opposed to the one I thought others expected me to live. Three years later, I have a whole new career in the fitness and wellbeing industry, a wonderful new relationship and I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been. All because I wanted to stand up on a surfboard!”

Speak soon,

Emma x

#fusionwellness #yoga #pilates #surfing #baliretreat
#fusionwellness #yoga #pilates #surfing #baliretreat