International Meditation Day- Meet Tweed Local, Meditation Teacher Kate Cliff and read her top 5 meditation tips!

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Hi I’m Kate. I’m from Kiama on the South Coast of NSW. I meditate. Everyday. It’s the tool I use to power up so that I can launch out into life. And really live. 

It sets me up for the day ahead. My mind is clear, sharp and creative. My body is strong. I have energy, clarity and I’m ready for what life has to offer. 

I find that I’m fully engaged in dynamic activity, but the stress of life more easily rolls off me. And I am present, aware and available in my interactions with others. 

Meditation is the most important thing I do in my day everyday to get the most out of myself and my life. It’s the recharge cord for the mind and body. Just like I connect my devices, I take the time to do that for myself, so that I can launch out into life at full capacity. When I meditate, I find I become more productive, I find I have more time. Which means doing more of the things I love. I teach because I want that for you too. 

Whether you’re a CEO, a student, an athlete, a parent, with correct instruction, anyone can meditate anywhere, anytime. Effortlessly.  

I haven’t always been a meditator. Nor would I have thought that I would ever be. Or that I could ever be capable of meditating. 

I learnt to meditate when my life was completely overwhelming. I was working as a lawyer in Sydney when I was hit by a car as a pedestrian.

The prognosis for my quality of life after that was not good. Severely injured, in chronic pain, and struggling mentally, 13 months later I finally took the advice of many, realised I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and I learnt to meditate. 

My body started to come out of pain and heal, I started to be able to sleep and eat, and I got space back from the negative, self-destructive voices in my head. And I felt very self-empowered, that I had a tool that I could use anywhere, anytime, that enabled me to change my experience of life. 

The benefits I experience from meditating are undeniable. It’s the tool I added into my life which allowed me to thrive rather than just survive. And when you do this, life becomes a whole heap of fun. 

Meditate. Then get out there and start living!

My top 5 Tips on Meditation:
1. Just start – let go of any fears you have, allocate the time, stop putting it off and hand over to what needs to happen in that sitting.
2. Take the pressure off yourself – there’s no perfect meditation.
3. Prioritise yourself – self care is a necessity, not a luxury. Remind yourself of this daily.
4. Let go of comparisons – to what others experience inside of meditation, and to what you experienced in previous sessions.
5. Invest in being taught by a professional – like with anything, correct instruction with an expert will provide a high quality experience.


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