What is Kinesiology??

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So, I have just finished a course in NLP Kinesiology, and my friends and family are asking me, what the hell is it? What made you study that?

For all of those who don’t have a clue, like me a few years ago, here is what kinesiology is all about…

It’s a holistic approach to those who have a physical, emotional or environmental problem, issue and/or challenge.

Kinesiology literally means the study of movement: of your body, your energy and your emotions.

Kinesiology reads your body’s biochemistry via muscle testing. The muscle testing indicates where the stress is held in your body. Your conscious and subconscious allow the kinesiology techniques to ‘balance’ the body and mind.

Kinesiology uses a number of techniques depending on what the body and mind need, including: NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), acupressure, reiki, chakra balancing, tapping, massage, and visualisation.

I can assure you one thing, you will walk out of session more balanced, relaxed and focused compared to what you felt when you walked in.

What attracted me to study kinesiology?

I had a bad back, pelvic instability and chronic eczema post my first pregnancy. I was also trying to manage the emotional roller coaster of having a baby and going back to work.

I went to see a kinesiologist, Andrew Oosterlaan, recommended to me by a lady at work who mentioned that he was her sanity and healer and without him she would be lost. What a golden referral, I didn’t hesitate and I booked an appointment straight away with a 3 week wait time.

I was in the waiting room in Geelong, near Torquay where I lived at the time and the receptionist was talking on the phone to someone booking an appointment from Gippsland, that’s nearly 3 hours away… I thought, wow, this kinesiologist must be amazing for someone to want to drive 3 hours for an appointment with an average 3 week wait to get in.

I was literally in the consulting room for about 15 minutes. I stood in front of this wall that had posters all over it. The words I remember from the posters: Emotions: Excitement, Contentment, Anger, Fear, Resentment, Hysteria and Love.

Andrew pushed my arms up and down and then I lay on a massage table, he prodded my back here and there…. I remember thinking, was that it, was the session over? Then he said “This back pain of yours, it started when you were 21. What happened when you were 21?”

It took me a while but then I recalled…

A girl was test-driving my car to potentially buy it from me just before I left to go overseas for a year. She was only on her L’s… somehow on her second time driving it around the block, with me in the passenger seat; she forgot which pedal was break and accelerator. She accelerated into a park car and then slammed her foot on the break. I had major whip lash from my neck through to my lower back. She managed to ride my car and the park car off.

That made complete sense. I never put 2 and 2 together. What? How did he know that??

I walked out of the session with very few words exchanged.

I couldn’t believe the relief I immediately felt on all levels but ultimately in my lower back. I remember ringing my girlfriend friend Bins (Belinda) straight away on my drive home. I said “do yourself favour and book into this kinesiologist, I have just experienced a miracle; immediate back pain relief. The experience was bizarre and amazing all at the same time!” She booked into him without hesitation straight away too.

I am not saying that now I can perform miracles like that because I have learnt kinesiology, but I was so amazingly god-smacked about what he did and how I felt walking out of that session that it fascinated me so much so that I had to learn what he did and what kinesiology was all about.

The methodology is incredible. It encompasses so many other aspects of healing, so it really can be defined as a holistic approach to a problem.

So where from now…

Well, I have been practicing with friends and family. I did NLP training with The Coaching Institute, whilst pregnant with my second son in Melbourne, and the combination of NLP and kinesiology has delivered some great results. My main aim with every consult is for the client to walk out calm, more focused and with a higher sense of self. The feedback I have been getting so far indicates I’m on the right track.

From a career in Marketing, PR & Events whilst always teaching yoga & Pilates on the side, I feel like the avenue of kinesiology, business coaching (a whole another story) yoga and Pilates has me operating on purpose.

Why do kinesiology…

  • It’s worth it if you want surge forward in the direction of your dreams quicker than you could do on your own
  • It’s worth it you are experiencing a physical pain or problem
  • It’s worth it if you find the same problem arising time and time again, and your asking yourself why?
  • It’s worth it if you don’t know what your next step is in life
  • It’s worth it if you need clarity immediately to tackle a problem that is dominating your mind
  • It’s worth it so that you can be at your full potential!

I hope that all makes sense to you, and what kinesiology is and my why.

Georgie x