Do you have a bad back?

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Feel stiff when you wake up?

Sick of appointments and the time and money you invest on your chiros, physio or osteo?

I am not saying that you should stop seeing your health professional, most certainty keep it up…. But take responsibility and learn how you can also help yourself in-between appointments. Don’t be solely reliant on them without helping yourself.

I created Fusion Yoga & Pilates decks so that you can learn more about your body and learn the poses and movements that nurture your body so you don’t have to completely rely on your health professional. Save yourself money and time and learn more about your body and the best stretches to help you. I even encourage my clients to take my cards in with them and have their health professional pull out the best cards/ stretches that will help assist them.

I am naturally not very flexible; I have had a major heart operation, a fractured wrist from snowboarding and 2 caesars. Recently I have been getting lower back and weird achilles pain most mornings. As soon as I have breastfed and sorted the kids out with breaky, I step onto my yoga mat and stretch out. It is a necessity to balance my body and when I walk off my mat I ALWAYS, 100% of the time feel better than before I walked on! Being a mother I put myself last but I make sure I do not neglect my needs. I incorporate my children and I set up a mat for Oliver my 3-year-old and I have Darcy, 6 months on the mat with me.

When I lived in the US, I helped to start up a surf school and became really involved and passionate about the surf industry. I had just finished my yoga & Pilates teacher training and I was living in Florida. I spoke with lots of surfers who were asking me about poses that would help them with their back, shoulders and core. I became inspired and I ended up creating FUSION YOGA & PILATES  FOR SURFERS.

Then I moved back to Melbourne, Australia and got an office job working in Marketing & PR. I started teaching Yoga & Pilates at lunch to my colleagues. They asked me about the best poses and movement for their injuries and posture. I noticed the injuries seem to be similar from the office lifestyle. This is when I wrote FUSION YOGA & PILATES FOR OFFICE WORKERS.

At 30 years old I fell pregnant, I discovered that there wasn’t much available to help me and guide me with the best poses to help me prepare for birth. I was pregnant through winter and didn’t feel like heading out at night to do a class after working all day. This is the time in my life when I created YOGA & PILATES FOR PREGNANCY. I have recently sold out of these cards, but I have now created downloadable sequences for each trimester, which I filmed in Fiji while pregnant with my second son Darcy.

If you:

  • Have a boyfriend, father or brother who surfs
  • Suffer from back pain
  • Have RSI or wrist injuries
  • Feel stiff when you wake up
  • Want to be more flexible
  • Want to strengthen your core
  • Want to prepare your body for birth
  • Want to buy a present that keeps on giving!

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