The Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Kids and Teens | Casuarina Kingscliff Yoga Studio

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The Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Kids and Teens | Casuarina Kingscliff Yoga Studio


Have you seen our new yoga and mindfulness classes for kids and teens here at Fusion Wellness?


The response so far has been amazing, so we wanted to talk a little more about the benefits of yoga for kids, and the important life skills that can be gained through this practice.


From managing anxiety to improving concentration and promoting self-love, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of yoga for kids and teens below.

The Benefits of Yoga for Young Kids | Yoga for Kids in Casuarina


The breathing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques in yoga are shown to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of young kids – setting them up for success, and helping them navigate life’s challenges.


The benefits of yoga for kids include:


  • Managing anxiety. The combination of breathing and relaxation techniques taught through yoga can help our little ones learn how to manage anxiety and regulate their emotions in a healthy way.

  • Promote mindfulness. Yoga gives young kids the opportunity to be truly present in the moment. In doing so, they pay closer attention to their bodies and understand exactly what it’s capable of.

  • Develop concentration and memory. Moving between different poses and focusing on breathwork is a great way to improve memory, concentration and attention spans in young children.

  • Boost self-esteem. Yoga classes are incredibly empowering for young kids. As they begin to master new poses, they feel a great sense of pride and achievement.

  • It’s fun! Most importantly, yoga for kids is playful and fun. Yoga allows kids to explore moving their bodies in different ways, interact with their peers, and learn something new and exciting.


The Benefits of Yoga for Teens | Yoga for Teens in Casuarina


Yoga is also a great practice for older kids and teens, helping them combat the external pressures of school, relationships, technology and social media. At such a pivotal time of their lives, we’d argue that teens need yoga even more than we do!


The benefits of yoga for teens include:


  • Alleviating stress and anxiety. There’s no doubt that being a teenager comes with a fair amount of stress and anxiety. Yoga provides an opportunity to slow down, clear the mind, and learn relaxation techniques that can be applied across all areas of life.

  • Improve fitness and energy levels. Not only does yoga help to improve our teen’s physical health, it also gives their energy levels a much-needed boost.

  • Improve posture. Yoga can help teens maintain an upright posture by strengthening the spine and neighboring back muscles while focusing on ideal alignment.

  • Improve flexibility. Yoga is particularly great for sporty teenagers, helping to stretch and warm up the body safely to reduce the risk of injury (and improve performance) in sport.


  • Boost self-esteem: Finally, yoga is incredibly nourishing for the soul. Regular yoga classes are a beautiful way to connect teens with their emotions and encourage self-love, self-acceptance and greater self-esteem.

Yoga Classes for Kids and Teens in Casuarina


We’d love to welcome your kids and teens to our Casuarina yoga studio! Located at The Commons Casuarina, our light-filled yoga studio is just 5 minutes from Kingscliff and Cabarita Beach.


We offer yoga classes for kids (5-11) on Tuesdays between 4pm – 4.45pm, and yoga classes for teens (12+) on Thursdays between 4.30pm – 5.15pm. You can book your class directly using our Fusion Wellness app, or the Mind Body app for Android users.


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